Cision vs. TrendKite vs. Meltwater: PR and Social Media Monitoring Tools Reviewed
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Cision vs. TrendKite vs. Meltwater: PR and Social Media Monitoring Tools Reviewed

Cision offers five different products including government relations and PAC, PR software and PR Web, which Cision now owns. Cision also has their Global Insights that gives you all the tools you need to understand your brand. TrendKite offers three products to help their customer’s measure impact, zero in on quality coverage, and strategically shape the approach you take to PR. Meltwater has four distinct products that allow you to know exactly what is being said about your brand so you can act accordingly. None of these companies show prices, you have to contact the company for pricing information.
Covered in this report
Cision — Best Features
Cision PR software has the largest database with a media and blogger database of more than 1.6 million.
Cision Global Insights audiences include a wide range of industries like banking, technology and many more.
Best for: Large enterprises, mid sized businesses and non profits.
TrendKite — Best Features
TrendKite offers three products to help their customer’s measure impact, zero in on quality coverage, and strategically shape the approach you take to PR.
All customers report that they do have excellent customer support.
Best for: All businesses that need PR work and monitoring plus the ability to customize reports.
Meltwater — Best Features
Meltwater Analyze allows you to track your media patterns over time.
They offer four distinctive products, Monitor, Analyze, Distribute and Engage, all designed to help you find out what you need to know and how to act on this information.
Best for: Small to large companies that need a pricing plan designed to match your company’s specific needs.


Cision has actually been in business since 1892, starting out in Sweden as the advertising department of Svenska Telegrambyrån, providing press clipping services. In 2007, they became Cision with 100,000 customers and offices in 9 countries. Cision is one of the leading providers of social software and public relations. Their headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois.

Cision Features

Cision products include many great features such as:

  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Analysis
  • Influencer Identification
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Press Release Distribution
  • CRM Tools for PR Management
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Cision Dashboard
  • Campaign Results Measurement
  • Basic Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Conversation Listening and Tracking
  • Tailored Media Analysis

Cision Products

Cision sells different products to help all businesses with public relations (PR) and social media marketing. It is important for all companies to get the word out with PR releases and to monitor their company and brand throughout the internet and social media. Their products include:

  • PR Software: One platform is all you need. Cision PR software can help you reach influencers with a media and blogger database of more than 1.6 million outlets, contacts and opportunities. You will be able to build brand awareness with content on sites like Time, Fast Company and CNN. You can also share brand news with industry press releases and track brand coverage across the internet with stories delivered to you. Customers can search this large database for journalists and bloggers based on publications. Their PR software makes it easy for you to analyze your story’s impact.
  • Social Software: Monitor your brand’s pulse with Cision social software. You will get the highest quality social data delivered to you. Cision social software searches million of posts and finds the data that will help you monitor the performance of key brand attributes, emerging brand value drivers and let you make informed business decisions.
  • Government Relations and PAC: This product will help you meet your government relations and PAC needs. In addition, you will be able to enhance your government relation campaigns by monitoring and influencing Capitol Hill and every state legislature, by monitoring and influencing Capitol Hill and every state legislature. Their software will also ensure PAC compliance for FEC filings. No matter what your needs are, their software solution has everything you will need.
  • PR Web: With PR Web, you will be able to reach your target audience, build brand awareness, increase visibility and earn media coverage. PR Web is the #1 news and PR release service for traffic and sharing your news with consumers, reporters and every major news site and search engine on the internet. Cision now owns PR Web.
  • HARO: HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out and allows journalists to come to you. You will automatically receive queries from reporters that are looking for your expertise. These reporters and journalists represent media outlets like ABC News, The New York Times and many other influential media outlets.

Cision Global Insights

Cision Global Insights gives you the tools, data and expertise that is important for you to understand your brand. Global Insights is great for measuring an individual campaign or an entire program and shows you the value of your efforts. Global Insights audiences include:

  • PR and communications professionals
  • Brand managers and customer experience teams
  • Corporate strategy professionals
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotech
  • Banking
  • Travel and hospitality

Cision Resources

Cision has a good resource section that includes the following helpful resources:

  • Webinars and events
  • Public relations resources
  • Social media resources
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Marketing resources
  • University

In addition to these great resources, Cision also includes a Success Stories section on their website.

Cision Pricing

Cision has multiple software packages to suit your business needs. Their software packages are:

  • PR pricing plans
  • Social pricing
  • GR and PAC pricing
  • Global Insights Consultation

In order to get Cision pricing, you will have to pick the product you are interested in or fill out the form on their pricing page and a Cision will get in touch with a personalized quote. Cision offers a free demo of their products.

Cision is intended for large enterprises, mid sized businesses and non profits. They also have apps for the iPhone, iPad and more.


With offices in Austin, Texas and London, TrendKite was founded by A.J. Bruno and Matt Allison, who set out to address the problems that public relations professionals encounter every day. Both founders are veteran industry professional that brought industry insight to their new company after talking to hundreds of PR professionals and brand managers.

TrendKite Products

TrendKite offers three products to help their customer’s measure impact, zero in on quality coverage, and strategically shape the approach you take to PR.

  • Measurement: Measure the true business impact with their PR analytics.
  • Monitoring: Zero in on trends that matter to you across all media types.
  • Reporting: Communicate PR’s impact in a way that executives can understand.

TrendKite Features

TrendKite can help businesses in a number of ways including:

PR Analytics for Brands

  • Zero in on quality coverage
  • Quantify business impact
  • Automate PR reporting
  • Benchmark against competitors

PR Analytics for Agencies:

  • Offer a differentiated service
  • Justify PR investments
  • Improve pitch targeting
  • Eliminate manual workflows

TrendKite Products

TrendKite offers three distinct products as mentioned above, each of their products have the following benefits and features.

Trendkite Measurement

This is their PR measurement tools that will quantify public relations impact from building your brand to driving revenue. Brand mentions are not the same as brand equity. TrendKite PR measurement software quantifies true brand impact with metrics that show you how people feel about your brand and how top of mind you are.

This is a complete of PR measurement metrics that will answer the following measurement questions:

  • Article impact: What are your highest quality articles influencing awareness, engagement and SEO?
  • Readership: What is the total potential audience reach of your earned media coverage?
  • Headlines and featured articles: How frequently were you the main focus of the article?
  • Key message pull-through: Is your messaging and positioning being pulled through in your brand coverage?
  • Social amplification: How frequently was an article amplified by being shared across social media?
  • Sentiment: What is the overall tone of your brand’s coverage and what does this mean for your brand’s reputation?
  • Share of voice: How much mindshare do you own compared to your competitors?
  • Mentions by geography: Which countries, cities and states or geographic regions are you getting coverage in?

Measurement Features

  • SEO impact of PR
  • Traffic driven by PR
  • Audience engagement
  • Google analytics integration
  • Benchmark results
  • Intuitive and flexible dashboards

TrendKite Monitoring

The TrendKite monitoring product offers accurate and meaningful media monitoring. This accurate, timely and complete data can help all businesses shape their strategies. Their media monitoring tools will provide you with a comprehensive view of your coverage across all media types including radio, blogs, traditional news, print, broadcast and even premium paywall subscriptions. TrendKite monitoring software provides the following:

  • Accurate relevant searches
  • Single click filters
  • The ability to parse the media coverage
  • Conduct market research
  • Monitor media and the ability to analyze with agility, which means handling any crises that arises.
  • Keep teams collaborating and in sync with sharing capabilities.

TrendKite Reporting

With TrendKite Reporting product, you will be able to transform your media dashboards beautiful and interactive reports. You can share these reports as an interactive report or as a PDF. TrendKite Reporting offers the following great features:

  • No more manual reports. There is no need to maintain spreadsheets of mentions, messing with Excel or format PowerPoint slides. All you have to do is click on the Create Report button.
  • The reports you create will be polished, interactive and mobile ready. The beautiful reports will reflect on your company and brand making you look professional.
  • Easily customizable. This is an excellent feature. No more static PR reports. You will be able to tailor them to your audiences by customizing titles and analysis. You can brand the reports with your logo and add custom slides.

All TrendKite dashboards are easy to create using their five step process that takes only a few minutes. Their step-by-step guide prompts you to enter the information you need.

TrendKite Resources

TrendKite also has helpful resources on their website like:

  • Videos
  • Customer stories
  • E-books

TrendKite Pricing

TrendKite does not list their prices on their website. You will have to contact the company for prices. All customers report that they do have excellent customer support.


Meltwater has 50 offices on 6 continents and more than 23,000 companies use the Meltwater media intelligence platform to stay on top of billions of online conversations, extract relevant insights, and use them to strategically manage their brand and stay ahead of their competition.

Using Media Intelligence from Meltwater

It is important to know what is being said about your company, and Meltwater allows you to track all mentions of your company from their custom dashboards.

  • Monitor: Get your coverage
  • Analyze: Understanding the big picture
  • Distribute: Share your story
  • Engage: Start meaningful conversations

Meltwater Products

With Meltwater, you can find out exactly what you need to know out of the billions of conversations, comments and stories on the internet with their products.

Meltwater Monitor

With Meltwater Monitor, you can track your brand, your competition, and all relevant news as it occurs in real time.

  • Consolidate all social search results in one place.
  • Measure coverage by location.
  • Measure media exposure over time.
  • See exactly who is writing about you the most.
  • Gauge sentiment.

Meltwater Analyze

With Meltwater Analyze, you can see which campaigns worked and which ones did not work. You can build your own dashboards and measure your success.

  • Track your media patterns over time.
  • Compare your share of voice to that of your competition.
  • See the locations where you most receptive audiences are located.
  • Find out just how your message is being received.
  • Zero in on the where the most valuable conversations are taking place.
  • Measure public relations (PR) ROI with advertising value equivalency (AVE).

Meltwater Distribute

When you have news to share, this helps share it properly to give you the best results with the press, on social media and with your executives. Meltwater Distribute provides the right tools for the right message.

  • Wires: Target press coverage at the national, international, regional and online to share your business news
  • News feed: You can stream social posts and articles on a website or intranet for comprehensive access to your coverage.
  • Social publishing: The ability to schedule and keep track of every social post and interaction.
  • Pulse reports: You will work directly with Meltwater analysts who will build enterprise-grade report. This feature is available on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
  • Newsletters: You can create customized branded newsletters that showcase handpicked articles.

Meltwater Engage

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships, whether you are connecting on social media or distributing releases to targeted influencers is very important.

  • Never miss a message that matters to you with their unified inbox and automated communication chains.
  • Find influencers by the topics they are writing about and easily reach out to them.
  • Schedule your posts and press releases for maximum impact.
  • Gain insights on each of your team member’s social media activity and presence.

Meltwater Prices

Meltwater does not show plans or prices on their website. They offer services and pricing plans to match your specific needs. You can provide them with some details and one of their representatives will contact you.

You can also schedule a demo and see how social media monitoring and media intelligence can do for your business.

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